Kodak Model 3 Camera

Kodak Model 3 Camera

Game Model | Maya, Photoshop, Mental Ray, Unity

This item is part of the Museum of Edinburgh's "Earl Haig Collection" interactive installation. The model is a recreation of an actual physical exhibit on display at the Museum and was recreated only with the use of reference photography. The Camera is fully rigged and animated which allows it to fold and unfold, demonstrating how it would have looked when in use - something that is not achievable with its physical counterpart.

The object is displayed in real-time within a Unity application that allows visitors to interact directly with the asset by rotating and zooming the Camera using a touch interface. Further information on the item can be accessed through hotspots that bring up additional text, photography or further interactions, such as minigames.

13,690 Tris, 2x sets of 2048x2048 Diffuse and Normal maps, Specular controlled by Unity shaders.

Kodak Model 3 Camera Kodak Model 3 Camera Kodak Model 3 Camera Kodak Model 3 Camera